Monday, February 6, 2012

Featured Nonprofit Job: Vice President For Business Development

We have a lot of prestigious nonprofit organizations that post their jobs to our career center.  You can now add IREX to that list.

IREX is an international nonprofit organization that provides thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive change globally.  The organization is currently seeking an individual to be its new Vice President for business development.  This position reports to the President and is a great opportunity for anybody looking for a high level job in development.

So what does this position entail?  The VP for business development will be responsible for a number of different important tasks:
  • Develop and implement an annual strategic plan for public and private new business development.
  • Leverage internal and external data to lead the process of priority-setting and strategic decision-making.
  • Build a professional and trusting relationship with key IREX clients.  This kind of networking is crucial to advance the goals of the organization.
  • Tap strategic high-level contacts to gather business intelligence, identify partnering opportunities, and strengthen international recruitment.
  • •Personally reach down and across the organization to gather information that would support marketing and facilitate strategic conversations (e.g., about client systems, regions, countries, and programs).
  • Provide guidance and set expectations for field staff support in the new business development process.
Here are qualifications for the position:
  • 15+ years of progressive leadership experience in new business development for an international development organization.
  • Significant personal contacts globally within USAID, State Department, and other USG agencies.  Non-USG and private sector sources are also a plus.
  • Excellent leadership skills in the areas of communication, decision making, facilitation, supervision, and planning.
  • International development experience in one or more of the following technical areas preferred: basic education, civil society strengthening, media development, youth development, conflict resolution, and gender.
Apply for this job today at the Nonprofit Job Seeker.

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