Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The 50 Best Nonprofits To Work For In 2012

There are a lot of factors that go into making a great workplace. Great pay is always nice, but organizational culture plays an important role as well. Have you ever wondered which nonprofit jobs ranked up there with the best in the country? The NonProfit Times has that answer for you.

In the recently released 50 Best Nonprofits To Work For 2012, organizations were ranked based on a survey that was sent to the employers to get information policies and practices. This was followed by a survey sent to the nonprofits' employees, which contained 72 statements to which they responded using a five-point agreement scale. These statements covered topics such as role satisfaction, work environment, pay and benefits, and relationship with supervisor.

Out of all these questions came the final list, headed by the Wounded Warrior Project for the second consecutive year. Other qualifiers included:

  • Brighton Center (#2)
  • Alzheimer's Association (#5)
  • IREX (#13)
  • LiveStrong (#26)
  • Playworks Los Angeles (#33)
You can read the rest of the list on our website. Have you ever applied to any of these nonprofits?


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