Monday, April 30, 2012

Realities For Bosses And Employees

Having a lot of talent around you makes life a lot easier for bosses. But as Terry Francona learned after he was let go by the Boston Red Sox -- after leading his team to its first two World Series in 86 years -- all that talent is worthless if you can't manage it.

In his book "The Gifted Boss," Dale Dauten wrote that the key to success in the workplace comes from good bosses and good employees working together. He offered the following six realities of gifted bosses and great employees as part of that idea. They are:

  • The “talent-squared” workplace is possible because gifted bosses and great employees want the same thing from a workplace: freedom from management, mediocrity and morons; a change; a chance.
  • Gifted bosses don’t just hire employees, they acquire allies.
  • Great employees don’t have jobs, they have talents.
  • Great bosses and employees often reverse the typical job search; instead of the employee doing the hunting, it’s the boss.
  • While many gifted bosses have created such special work environments that they have virtually no turnover, many others embrace substantial turnover and become masters of the “secret skill” of firing.
  • An alliance between a gifted boss and a great employee is a kinship of talent, often creating a bond that can last a lifetime.
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