Friday, April 6, 2012

What's The Buzz On Resume Buzzwords?

It wasn't too long ago that a great resume just included your employment history and various accomplishments. These days it's a little more complicated.  If you send a resume to an employer today, you're going to find yourself in the rejected pile pretty quickly.

Today's modern resume must hit a number points, referred to as "buzzwords," to be considered successful. The first one is quantifying your accomplishments. Drop words like "streamlined," "enhanced" in favor of more specific examples that give a better indication of your impact (i.e., "Increased revenue by X amount in my first year"). This will back up your claims and give the hiring manager a better idea of how you could help the organization.

The next buzzword employers look for is some variation of "outside-the-box thinker." This one is a little tricky because it can lose all meaning if you don't explain what makes your thinking so unique. Anyone can say they are creative, so you have to put some weight behind your words. For example, explain how you define "outside-the-box," and how it has impacted your work.

Including any references to volunteering or community service will greatly help your cause with nonprofits. You should explain what you learned during these activities, and how these experiences will help you in the future. Don't worry if it was some time ago; every little bit of information counts.

Are there any other buzzwords you think are important? Let us know what they are, and why you think they make a difference for resumes.

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