Monday, April 30, 2012

Put Your Job Search Into The Next Gear

The job search is painfully slow for the majority of Americans.  Most of us wish there was a way to shift it into another gear.  What if I told you there is such a way?

The key to getting a nonprofit job quickly is to use multiple sources.  Many job seekers rely too heavily on one job search method.  It is much more effective to use a number of different techniques equally.  Many of them can even complement each other.  For example, you can use traditional networking to give you a leg up on the positions you find on a nonprofit job board.

Another good tip is to be overly prepared.  You should take the time to lay out a schedule every day.  This will help you stay organized.  Creating daily benchmarks can also be helpful, as they will help you stay on task.  It's much easier to complete your daily tasks when you know you are very close to accomplishing a goal you set for yourself.

What techniques do you use to speed up your job search?  We'd love to hear your stories, so share them in the comments section below.

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