Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love And Marriage: Choosing The Right Career

Although we are a week removed from Valentine's Day, February is still a month filled with love.  Why not spend the rest of the month looking for the right match for your career?

The job search really does have a lot in common with dating.  Both require a lot of hard work and commitment and are increasingly being done via the Internet.  Both can also go south quickly if you make a decision based solely on superficial desires.  In the case of your career, choosing a job because it has the best salary and benefits is likely to leave you unhappy.

Here are four things to consider before making a long-term commitment with a career:

  • Make sure it's something you love doing.  Without passion, you'll find yourself burning out very quickly.  This is not to say you need to hold out for your dream job.  Just make sure that there are elements within the position that get you excited.
  • Consider the commute.  Long-distance relationships can sometimes work out, but they often cause a lot of stress.  If you think the drive is going to be too much of a problem, look elsewhere.
  • Although money isn't everything, make sure you aren't being underpaid for your services either.  In other words: Don't settle!
  • Ensure that there is room for you to grow.  Being stuck in a position for years is not a great way to ensure happiness with your job, so ask during your job interview whether there are ample opportunities to advance within the organization.

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  1. Oh this is so cute! I agree with what you have written here. I especially liked your comment about commuting to work and long-distance love relationship!

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