Friday, March 30, 2012

Salary Negotiation Questions

Here's a scenario to consider: You've been offered the job of your dreams but aren't quite happy with the employer's initial salary offer. You've researched the salary and benefits that are typical for the position and believe you are being shortchanged. How do you handle the negotiation process?

This is a scenario that most job seekers will have to deal with at some point. Yet salary negotiation isn't exactly an easy art to master. Asking for more money, even if it's deserved, can generate a lot of stress. The good news is that you have a lot of options at your disposable when it comes to getting what you want.

Despite popular belief, negotiation doesn't involve two people just talking at each other. There a lot of different questions you can ask when you receive a job offer that will help you determine your next steps:

  • "Is this salary negotiable?"-If they say no, you can negotiate other terms.
  • "Is this total or base compensation?"-This will allow you to determine whether you will be offered additional bonuses that can boost your pay, such as incentive bonuses.
  • "When do you need an answer?"-You should never feel pressured to accept a job offer on the spot. Do some thinking about your various options before you decide what to do next.
  • "Will I get a written job offer?"-Most people are trustworthy, but this is always a good thing to ask for to prepare for that one bad apple that could be out there.
  • "Will I be able to telecommute?"-If you feel the commute to your job will put a strain on your budget, find out if there are opportunities to work from home occasionally.

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