Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Nonprofit Jobs

Here is a recent press release we put out about The Nonprofit Jobseeker...

The NonProfit Times, the leading publication for nonprofit organizations, wants employers to know about an exciting feature on The NonProfit Job Seeker (the publication's online destination for non-profit jobs) that they can use to highlight new jobs at their organizations: Featured Jobs. Once you apply one of the Featured Job options to one of your open positions, that job will be listed on The NonProfit Job Seeker's main page, and will be highlighted in yellow in the search results. This will guarantee that your job is seen by the the industry’s most sought-after talent: passive job seekers.

Passive job seekers are more highly sought after by companies, because this type of worker represents a larger portion of the workforce (83%, according to a recent survey by Yahoo!). Passives are constantly browsing the web for high quality nonprofit positions; but they aren't going to spend hours browsing through the site, they are going to want to know which jobs are the best to apply to. By using Featured Jobs, your company will have a higher chance of attracting these talented workers.
There are two options for Featured Jobs: a 30-day posting at $100, or a 60-day posting at $130. The only difference between these two options are the length of time and the price, so you will be getting the same great service no matter which length of time you choose. For more information on Featured Jobs and The Nonprofit Jobseeker, visit

About The NonProfit Times: Founded in 1989, The NonProfit Times is one of the leading publications on the nonprofit sector in the United States. The latest issue can always be viewed online at


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