Thursday, March 24, 2011

Straight Talk: You Won't Get Your Dream Job Immediately

We all have a dream job that we want, but here's some tough news for you: more than likely, you will not get the job of your dreams immediately.  It's certainly not fun to think about it but with today's market, it's the way it is.  As much as you might hate the sound of it, you will probably have to do some work you might not be so enthused about before you can do the kind of non profit work you really want to do. 

Let's say you really want to work in fundraising at a leading non-profit organization.  From all the job research you have done on the company, it seems like the perfect place for you.  Unfortunately, you have also found out that they don't have any positions in fundraising yet.  However, they are hiring for some entry level PR jobs.  You have some interest in PR (in fact, you used to do some of that when you got out of college), but you don't necessarily feel as comfortable doing it.  It's at this point where you have a decision to make: do you apply for this PR job or keep looking for your perfect job?

Kind of a leading question, I know, but the answer should really be apply for the PR job.  Yes, it might not be what you had in mind, but you can't be too picky these days.  Besides, if you do get the job, who knows what opportunities might arise in the future.  By working at a nonprofit, even if it's not the work you want to do, you will make more contacts than just blowing them off in search of your dream job.  And you might even love doing the other job more than you thought.