Monday, March 14, 2011

Why You Should Work in Nonprofit

Chances are, if you re reading this blog you are at least somewhat interested in working or a not-for-profit organization.   But maybe you still have some doubts.  Maybe you're concerned about the lower career salaries when compared with what you would get at a for-profit job.  Perhaps the lack of resources that is inherent with nonprofits scares you.  Or maybe you're just not sure you can handle the amount of time and effort you would have to devote.  Well perhaps I'm a little biased here, but here are some reasons why choosing a nonprofit job is the right choice for your career path.

I've already mentioned the potential negatives that come with joining an NPO.  It's true that you might not make as much money than by joining a huge corporation.  But here are some tangible benefits that will help make that seem very small, indeed. Working for an organization that is dedicated to a great cause will help instill you with a sense of satisfaction.  Knowing that the work you are doing will likely have a positive effect on many people will help what might be tedious work become more enjoyable.

Still not convinced?  Does that line of reasoning seem to ethereal?  Well here's something that might catch your attention:

Nonprofits need new employees with fresh new ideas more than ever.

That's right, by working at a nonprofit you will have a better chance at getting a sustainable job.  This is because, as is explained in article by Business Weekly, nonprofits realize that they need to start hiring outside of the nonprofit field in order to get the leaders they really need.  There is real opportunity to not only get a rewarding job, but also to advance through the ranks.  If you show yourself to be someone who is dedicated and responsible, you will find that you will quickly become a great asset to the not-for-profit organization that you join. 

So if you are the type of person that enjoys a good challenge, and wants to be a leader in the industry they work in, then getting a non profit job is really the best choice for your career.  So while you are looking through a list of nonprofit organizations to work at, consider the advice in this blog.

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