Friday, September 23, 2011

Finding Your Nonprofit Job

You have your resume polished and ready to go and your cover letter prepared: It's now time to start submitting your job application to nonprofit organizations. There are plenty of job boards out there, but I recommend checking out NPT's job board: The Nonprofit Jobseeker.  Not only is it a great source for quality jobs in the nonprofit sector, it's also totally free to sign up.

Once you get signed up, you should be sure to narrow your search. If you search for all the nonprofit jobs out there, you are going to be overwhelmed.  You should be sure to use job search filters, specify the type of position you want, and (most importantly) what level of work experience you have. This is key, because you want to make sure you are qualified for the jobs for which you are applying.

Other things to keep in mind while you browse not-for-profit jobs:

-Don't just skim job descriptions; read them carefully!
-Don't hold out for your dream job! In these tough times, it's unlikely you will get the job you truly want on your first attempt. Don't think of it as settling; think of it as the first step to obtaining the job of your dreams.
-Don't just use job boards: Also attend networking events to help your chances!

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