Friday, September 30, 2011

Social Media Tips For Your Job Search

Social media is slowly but surely transforming the way we do things.  It allows us to keep in touch with old friends, stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends, and gives us unprecedented access to major public figures.  It has also made an impact on the job search by making it easier for job seekers to get in touch with potential networking contacts, and giving employers an inside look to who you really are.  Your online persona can play a big role in determining your employment, so you have to make sure you maintain them.

  • Keep Your Profile Clean: You might think those pictures from your friend's bachelor party are hilarious, but you probably don't want them up when you are looking for a job.  If you even have the slightest feeling that what you are about to post could negatively impact your job candidacy, don't post it. 
  • Be Active: Update your profile as often as you can.  Employers want to know that the person they are hiring is outgoing and is pro-active.  While you have to be careful about what you post, don't be shy abotu showing your character.  It's better to show a unique personality than to appear uninteresting.
  • Use Multiple Social Media Sites: Don't limit yourself to just one of the sites out there.  The more place your brand is located, the better chance you will be seen by a recruiter.  As a reminder, here are the major social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and
  • Connect, Connect, Connect: Don't hesitate to connect with organizations you are looking to join.  This could mean friending them on Facebook, responding to their tweets on Twitter, or joining their group on LinkedIn. 
  • Create An Online Portfolio: Online portfolios are a lot of work, but they are a great way to show an employer who you are.  Think of it like an enhanced resume: It will list your skills, past employers, and references.  The only difference is it can be much larger and be customized anyway you want.

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