Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Job Interview Questions Part II: What You Shouldn't Ask

Yesterday I wrote about some great job interview questions you could ask.  We're going to take the opposite approach today, and go over some things that you should make sure to NEVER ask at an interview.  These are the kind of questions that will make you look bad and, in turn, will severely hurt your chances of getting that non profit job.  So without further delay, let's look at some examples:

  • "If I get the job, can I adjust my schedule so I can attend [insert activity here]?"-This is a big no-no.  There's no better way to turn off a potential employer than to ask for time off before you even begin working.  If it's something really important (like a funeral, family gathering, etc), you can figure out those details when you get the position.  It may seem polite to mention this in advance, but the interview is really not the place to bring up this subject.
  • "What does your organization do?"-There are actually reasons you might ask this besides not doing research in advance.  For instance, the company description may not be too clear.  Regardless of your intentions, this question will still make it seem like you didn't do any research into the organization.
  • "When can I take vacation time?"-Similar to the first question I mentioned, this is a subject you should avoid until you actually get a job offer.  It will also make you seem too eager to take time off.
  • "I have another job offer that is willing to pay me more.  Can you match that?"-This is just an inappropriate question to ask, even if it is true.  What is salary negotiation to one person is obnoxious to another.  Besides, salary negotiations should only take place after you have an actual offer.
There are certainly a lot more bad interview questions to ask, so feel free to leave your own.  Just remember: as long as you avoid questions like these, you will be just fine.


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