Monday, June 13, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 6/13/2011

If you are reading this blog and are working in the nonprofit sector, I would like to direct you to The NonProfit Times' Resource Marketplace.  It contains contact information for a variety of different services that help nonprofits, from account services to grant writers.  Check it out, it's a pretty handy resource. 

  • '20 of the Weirdest, Wackiest, and Funniest Resume Mistakes'-Mistakes on resumes can be serious problems; especially if they are anything like these.  Some of these examples are pretty hilarious (like "Hobbies: enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians."  Ah, the joy of missing punctuation). 
  • 'Finding the Right Fit in an Employer'-It's all about compatibility when it comes to finding a great job.  This article from The Globe and Mail brings that point home.
  • 'Beating Boomer Bias: Learning New Skills'-You can never have enough career skills.  The field is constantly evolving, especially in the nonprofit sector.  So even if you don't think it's necessary, explore some secondary skills through continuing education courses.

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