Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 6/1/2011

Welcome to June!  Yes, it's the first day of June, and boy does it feel like it.  At least it's not raining anymore.  Here are today's links:

  • 'How Do I Turn a Temp Job Into a Full-Time One?'-One of the benefits of temping is that it can often lead to a full-time position: either at that company or another one.  This post from gives some tips on how to make this a reality.
  • 'Mindset Over Skillset'-This is a video from CNN about how some employers are favoring mindset over skills when choosing an employee.  From the video: 96% of employers say they would choose mindset over skill set.
  • 'The Dirty Dozen Online Job Search Mistakes' lists 12 "no-no's' to avoid when searching for jobs online.  I especially think #2 is spot on.

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