Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Job Seeking Tips From The NonProfit Times

I thought I would share this article that was posted a while back on The NonProfit Times.  It was from two years ago, but the ideas still apply to today's job market:

Professional development can help you get to your ultimate career destination, but there are many paths to get there, according to James Weinberg, founder and CEO of Boston-based Commongood Careers.

Weinberg explained that heading back to school isn’t the only way to develop your career at NTEN’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

* Graduate programs. These can be costly. Make sure you are in a high-quality program that fits what you want to learn.

* Workshops. This also is expensive. Some workshops guarantee certificates, but check to see if that piece of paper means anything for your professional career.

* Self-education books. Some times your best teacher would be yourself. Look for books or online courses that can help.

* In-house mentors. Ask a competent colleague or supervisor for guidance.

You can read the full article over at the NPT website.

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