Friday, August 26, 2011

Take Advantage Of Job Search Resources

There is no doubt that we are living through one of the worst job markets in recent history.  It's also one of the more frustrating ones; everytime things seem to be getting back on track, we get smacked in the face by reality.  Despite all of these problems, job seekers are in a better position when it comes to the amount of job search resources they have at their disposal. 

Online job boards did exist a decade ago, but they have become more robust than they ever were.  The features of these boards have improved as technology advanced.  It's not uncommon for a typical job bank to have extensive search filters to make your search simpler.  The rise of social media has also made the job hunt a lot smoother.  Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have made it much easier to network than it ever was.  Traditional networking events still have their place, and I'd still recommend attending them, but that's no longer the only avenue available.  A big part of getting a job is who you know, and social media makes it much easier to get that inside edge.

Keep your head up job seekers.  Things may be gloomy, but you have a lot more resources at your disposal.  Make sure you take advantage of all of them to give you a leg up in this tough economy.

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