Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online Job Opportunities: Employer Websites

When it comes to online job opportunities, your best bet is to use a job board.  But sometimes the nonprofit job you want can't be found there.  That's when you have to resort to other methods.  One area you should consider investigating is employer websites.

Just because an organization is hiring doesn't mean they have advertised on a job website.  Some companies prefer to do their recruiting on their site.  If there is a nonprofit that you have always wanted to work for, but you don't see any of their jobs posted, you should immediately go to their website's "employment" section.  This is the area where employers will list any areas they are currently looking to fill.  Think of it as their own personal job board.

Nothing listed on the employer website?  Not to worry, you're not out of options yet.  A nonprofit's employment website will usually list the contact information for the Human Resources department.  If it's not listed there, check their "contact us" page.  Once you find it, give them a call to inquire on potential openings.  Tell them the position you are looking for and ask if you can send your resume for future consideration.  You never know, that one call could open their eyes to recruiting opportunities they are missing.  And that could open the door for you.

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