Friday, January 20, 2012

L.A. Nonprofit Gets Money To Cut Unemployment

Unemployment benefit claims are down, but that doesn't mean unemployment is no longer a problem.  And one Los Angeles-based nonprofit just got some help to get people back to work.

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that Chrysalis, a nonprofit that helps L.A. residents with job training, will get $200,000 over the next two years from a coalition of businesses to enhance the nonprofit's programs.  These enhancements will come in the form of a new nonprofit called Downtown Works, which will expand Chrysalis's one-day training courses into more intensive classes.  The courses for Downtown Works will be run by Chrysalis, but the organization itself will be run by The Central City Association of Los Angeles, a downtown L.A.-based business advocacy group. 

Chrysalis has predicted that of the 450 clients expected to go through the program over the next two years, at least 60 percent, or 270, will find new jobs within the next six months.  The organization has already helped many people in L.A. such as Greg Price, who after spending 31 years in prison for murder, was able to get training in technology.  That experience helped him get work in the Old Bank District.  The hope is that the new planned employment services will further cut unemployment and homelessness.

You can learn more about Downtown Works in The Los Angeles Times.

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