Friday, January 27, 2012

Nonprofit That Helps The Jobless In Danger

A nonprofit organization created to help the jobless get back to work is in danger of closing because of budget issues. reported today that the Go! Network is running short on money and might not survive the summer.  The organization, which is run by executive director Roni Chambers, was created during the midst of the Great Recession and is designed to help unemployed mid-level executives.  4,000 executives have made their way to the Go! Network since February 2009, and 68 percent of them found new employment.  Chambers assumed co-leadership of the nonprofit after her own lay-off from Anheuser-Busch in 2010.

The Go! Network relies solely on private donations, and Chambers sees the nonprofit running out of cash if things don't change soon.  Its co-leader, David Greenwalt, recently left for a full-time paid position leaving all the responsibility for the organization in Chambers' hands.  The Network has already outlasted its original expected life-span of 12 months when it was founded in early 2009.

Chambers has solicited help from donors but has been told that their priorities rest with helping the homeless, not the jobless.  Ironically, the Go! Network was founded in part to prevent members of the middle-class from slipping into homelessness.

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