Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Accepting A Job Offer: What Now?

You've finally done it: You got a job offer from the nonprofit you always wanted to work for, and you'll be starting any day now.  Surely all your work is over, right?  Wrong.

Once you've accepted a job offer from an organization, you have a couple of more things you need to do.  First off, you should send a thank-you letter to the organization.  The next step to take will be to inform other nonprofits that were considering you that you have accepted a job elsewhere.  But is there any scenario that exists where you don't have to let them know?

Depending on how far along you were in the process you were with an organization, it isn't totally necessary to let them know you have taken another job.  If you haven't yet been chosen as a finalist in the interview process, there is no need to contact them after you've accepted another job.  Once you get beyond that point, you must let them know.  You have to leave a positive impression so that you have a potential landing spot should your new job not work out.  Here are some other things to keep in mind when letting an employer know your taking another job:

  • You don't need to share why you are accepting the job offer.  Simply tell them you have made your final decision, thank them for their consideration, and ask them to withdraw you from the interview process.
  • Even though your decision is firm, let the employer know you look forward to possibly doing business with them at some point in the future.  Say something like this: "Your company is top notch and I do hope that our paths will cross sometime in the future."
  • Don't get involved in a bidding war.  This will leave both organizations feeling manipulated.

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