Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things Your Nonprofit Resume Doesn't Need

When preparing your nonprofit resume, you probably already have a good idea of what you need to include.  But do you know what you should leave out?

You need to include a lot of information in your resume.  You simply can't risk including unnecessary information or you will risk losing your reader.  Being able to present information in a concise manner is one of the many things an employer will look for when deciding which candidate they want to learn more about.  That's where knowing what information to leave out comes in handy.   Consider leaving the following items out of your resume:
  • References: If you suspect an employer will want references, leave a note at the end of your resume saying that they will be provided upon request.  Employers conduct thorough background checks these days, so references are not always needed.  Read our article on getting references if you are asked for them.
  • A Photograph: It may seem like a nice touch, but including a picture of yourself is really just a waste of space.  You're going to be hired based on your abilities, not your physical appearance.
  • An Objective Statement: Most job seekers still feel the need to include this, but it's not necessary anymore.  Instead of writing a paragraph on why you should be hired, list off a few of your traits that will make you desirable for the position.

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