Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 4/13/2011

It's that time again: time to provide you lucky folks with links to help you find quality non profit work.  I hope you have all been gaining a lot of traction out of these articles I find.  Anyway, here's what I rounded up for today...

  • 'Nonprofit Work: 10 Myths'-This article from The Case Foundation (a fantastic organization, by the way), tackles some of the prevailing myths.  Among the most important to read, in my opinion, is myth #1; which takes down the idea that you will live a life of poverty by working at nonprofit organizations.  I also like that they shoot down the myth that making money in the nonprofit sector is frowned upon.  That's something that way too many people believe.
  • 'The Advantages of Working for a Non-Profit Over a For-Profit'-Too often we hear about why working at a for-profit company has many more advantages over working n the nonprofit sector.  This article by Fundraising Ideas gives us some reasons why the opposite is true.  A very good read, put this at the top of your list.
  • 'Student's Nonprofit Work Pays it Forward'-This article from The South End, Wayne State University's official campus paper, tells a charming story of a student from the school who worked with Blakstone LaunchPad to set up a nonprofit program to help combat unemployment in Detroit.  For you up-and-coming nonprofit entrepreneurs, this is a good article to read of a true success story.

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