Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 4/5/2011

Since I talked about nonprofit internships today, I thought I would find links today that had to do with that subject.  So without further ado...

  • 'The Top 10 Nonprofit Internships'-This is a list from The Nonprofit Quarterly that, as the title suggests, ranks the top 10 nonprofit internships in the past year.  These are organizations that you should definitely be taking a look at during your search.
  • 'Nonprofit Internships'-This is a short postfrom Georgia Tech's blog that provides links to places to find great nonprofit internships.
  • The Far North Dallas Advocate-Do you live in Dallas, TX?  Then read this article, because it provides information on Texas nonprofits that are offering paid Summer internships.  The article provides a link of how to apply for these opportunities.

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