Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 4/21/2011

I hope everybody enjoyed the latest webcast of The NonProfit Times TV yesterday; remember that a new one comes out every two weeks!  Now, to get back on topic, here are the links I gathered up for this nice Spring day...

  • Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog-Occasionally, some of the links I will provide here are not a specific article, but an entire blog; this is the case right here.  This is a great resource for how to best apply social media to nonprofits.  Check it out if you are hoping to work with social media in your profession.
  • Marketing for Nonprofits-Here's another great nonprofit blog, but this is one is focused on marketing.  Marketing is a big part of any industry, but the nonprofit sector relies on it a lot.  If you have even some interest in marketing, it's a career that offers a lot of opportunities in the nonprofit sector.
  • '3 Ways to Be Prepared For When a Golden Career Opportunity Slaps You in the Face'-Yeah, a long title, but this is a fantastic article.  It's written by Rosetta Thurman (who I mentioned before), and it starts out with a great little story that gives you the perfect example of what you should not do when a nonprofit career opportunity presents itself.  I couldn't have written this any better. 

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