Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 4/28/2011

I wanted to take this time to say that The NonProfit Times sends its condolences to everybody that has been affected by the terrible storms that have been ravaging the south.  Our thoughts are with you.  On that sad note, here are the links for today...

  • 'Career Change Guide'-Here's another article from  This is a particularly pertinent article for nonprofit job seekers, as many people who enter the nonprofit sector have come from a different field.  This article lists the variety of different industries you can choose from, and gives various statistics about those careers.
  • Public Measures Blog-This is a new blog set up by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  If you are looking for some good reading on the role of government in nonprofits, this should be atop your reading list.
  • 'Changing Personas'-This is a good post on how both people and organizations need to constantly adapt to changing environments.  The main point here is that no nonprofit or individual can survive by constantly acting the same.  Very good advice, especially in these challenging times.

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