Thursday, May 5, 2011

Career Round-Up: 5/5/2011

Nonprofit job links for today:

  • 'Shedding the Stain of Joblessness'-This is an insightful article from The Guardian, a British newspaper, that talks about how many companies have the propensity to not hire people who have been unemployed long term, even if they have the same skills as somebody who has a better job record.
  • 'Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well and Teach You a Skill'-This post from, gets rid of the myth that part-time jobs are not worth your time.  While you are searching for the perfect non profit job, you should  try your hand at some part-time work.  Remember, some work looks better on your resume than no work.
  • 'How to Market Yourself in the Nonprofit Sector'-From Bridgestar, this is a good article on how to best sell yourself when you apply for nonprofit jobs.  This is an important skill to have; after all, someone with the same skills as you can ultimately land the job you want because that person might have presented themselves better than you.

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