Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 5/3/2011

No pithy thoughts today, sorry.  Instead, I will just lead you right into today's non profit job links:

  • 'Making the Most of Your Internship'-From The Case Foundation's blog, this article is particularly insightful as it is written by an actual intern at the organization, Lauren Scherr.  Ms. Scherr gives some great tips, direct from her own experiences, on how to make your nonprofit internship pay off for you in the future.  This is one of those must read posts, in my view.
  • 'Nonprofit Marketing: Whose Job is it Anyways?'-This post from XFactor Consulting lays out how responsibilities should be doled out at nonprofit marketing jobs.
  • Finally, here's a good post from a blog I just discovered: "Get a Job!"  It has some rather bold tips on how to best improve your resume.  For instance, the author (Kathy Bernard), says that you should delete the objective section of your resume.  To be honest, I never thought about that.  I can't say I necessarily agreed the first time I read that, but the more I think about it, the more it makes a little bit of sense.

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