Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 5/24/2011

Yesterday was a sad day in the world of philanthropy.  Robert L. Payton, one of the founders of The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, died at the age of 84.  I didn't know him personally, but from all reports he was an outstanding human being, and he is going to be sorely missed.

  • 'Healing Tips for the Broken-Hearted Job Seeker'-Rejected from your dream job?  Don't let that get you down.  Read these tips from Careeralism.com, and go down the path of recovery!  Oh, and don't forget the grieving process!
  • 'How to Look for a Job When You're Employed'-You don't just have to look for work when you're unemployed, you know.  Even if you are really enjoying your current job, there's no harm in seeing what else is out there.  This article gives you tips on how to manage both your current your career and a potential future one.
  • '3 of 5 of Newly Laid Off Find Jobs'-File this one under "reasons for optimism."  There is no doubt that the job market has experienced a boost in the last month, and this article from The Orange County Register provides even more data to back up the good feelings in the air.  So even if you were just laid off, don't give up hope!

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