Friday, May 6, 2011

Nonprofit Career Round-Up: 5/6/2011

Next week, I want to write a post with tips from nonprofit professionals.  If you fit that description, please e-mail your tips to me at  You will, of course, be cited.  Thanks in advanced!  Oh, and don't forget: it's Mother's Day this Sunday!

  • This is not related to nonprofit jobs, but I thought I would have one link related to Mother's Day today.  It's a post from the Gates Foundation about what Melinda Gates is thinking about this year on Mother's Day.  Very insightful and moving.
  • I lied, basically all of these links will have something to do with Mother's Day.  Here's some Mother's Day marketing tips from Marketing Edge.
  • 'Relationships Matter Most'-This post from NTEN gives one of the most important tips for fundraising: building relationships.

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