Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NPT Jobs Recommends: 7/12/2011

Did anybody catch the MLB Home Run Derby last night?  It was a pretty fun display of power.  I don't even think you needed to be a baseball fan to enjoy it.  We all need distractions from the problems of everyday life, and that was certainly a good one.  But now it's back to reality, so here are today's links:

  • Career Advice for the Nonprofit Sector-This is a YouTube video that features Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) managing director Paul Bernstein.  He gives a rundown of his experience breaking into the nonprofit sector, as well as what he looks for in job candidates.  This is a must-watch video.
  • 'Ignore These 10 Outdated Pieces of Career Advice'-Sometimes we receive career advice that seems good in theory, but are actually relics from a past time.  That is the case with these tips that USA News urges you to avoid.  I think some of them still have value (I still believe resumes should be no more than a page) but most I agree you should ignore.
  • 'Saying No Could Give Your Career Life Right Now'-This is an interesting and unique piece by Mark Dyson, who writes a blog called Voice of the Job Seekers.  His main point is that sometimes saying "no" to a job opportunity could be the best thing for your career, if it's a job that you don't think you can do well.

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