Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NPT Jobs Recommends: 7/5/2011

Not that this has anything to do with nonprofit jobs, but a verdict has apparently been reached in the Casey Anthony trial.  She has been found not guilty of first degree murder.  To be honest, I didn't follow the trial, so I don't really know the story behind it.  But I know a lot of people did, so I thought I would share that.  And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

  • 'Job Hunting Lessons From the Bachelorette'-What's this?  Linking the job search to a reality TV program?  It sounds crazy, but this is actually a pretty interesting article.  The author does a fantastic job of linking the two concepts without it sounding absurd.
  • 'How to REALLY Grow Your Network on LinkedIn'-You can never have too much advice for social networking.  Here's some tips on how to expand your network on LinkedIn.
  • 'Customize Your Cover Letter'-Anything you can do to make your cover letter stand out amongst the others is a plus.  Check out this article for ideas on how to make your cover letter special.

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