Thursday, July 7, 2011

NPT Jobs Recommends: 7/7/2011

We have a pretty nasty heat wave hitting the East Coast this week, but at least it feels like summer!  I'm here to deliver the latest and greatest job search articles to you.  So sit back, relax, grab a cool drink, and enjoy the reading:

  • 'New Grads and Recruiters'-Recruiters are tough cookies.  They are especially tough when you are new to the game.  Here are some helpful tips for college grads on how to work effectively with them (and not lose your mind in the process).
  • 'Are You Being Lazy On LinkedIn?'-I LOVE this article.  This is the whole package: It's funny, informative, and well written.  I really enjoyed the acronym created for lazy LinkedIn users.  This is a must read.
  • 'How to Write an Awesome Nonprofit Job Description'-This one's for all you hiring managers out there.  You can't afford to scare off potential candidates with poorly written job descriptions.  Rosetta Thurman gives some great tips---with step by step instructions for each section of the description.  Put a star next to this one.


  1. Hi and just a quick thanks for including my LinkedIn article in your round-up today. Much appreciated and glad you found it worthy. :-)

  2. No problem! I really did enjoy it.