Monday, July 18, 2011

NPT Jobs Recommends: 7/18/2011

Here are today's recommended job articles from across the vast reaches of the Internet:

  • '6 Ways to Get Good With Google'-This article lists some good ways to use Google to help your job search.  Besides the obvious Google alerts, they list some pretty interesting ideas here.
  • 'Google+ for Job Seekers'-Speaking of Google, here's a good article on how to use the search engine's social networking services, Google+, to find jobs.  I am not entirely familiar with Google+ yet, so I'm not too sure how it works.  But it can only be a good thing to have another social networking presence.
  • '5 Ways to Maximize Your Use of Job Boards'-This one is for all the recruiters out there.  This article provides some good ways to get the most bang for your buck out of job boards.  If you think your work was done once you posted a job, think again.

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