Monday, July 18, 2011

Survey: More Employers Doing Social Media Hiring

If you needed more reasons to jump onto the social media bandwagon, here's one: More employers are using social media as a hiring tool.  According to a recent survey, 80% of employers are using social media to recruit new employees, with an additional 9% saying they plan to start using it in the next year.  That's 89% total that will be using social media to hire their new recruits.  With such a large amount of social media hiring being done, there is no better time to start using it for your job search.

If you're wondering which social network employers use the most for their recruiting, the overwhelming choice for respondents was LinkedIn at a whopping 86.6%.  Facebook came in at a distant second at 55.3%.  LinkedIn gained 8% from the last survey in 2010, while Facebook's popularity remained steady.  It would seem pretty clear which site you would want to use most.  Still, 64% of employers said they used two or more social networking sites, and 40% said they used three or more.  So it would be a huge mistake to rely just on any one particular site when looking for nonprofit work.

There will still be some people out there who might question whether social media can really be an effective resource for getting work.  The Jobvite survey begs to differ.  Some 63% of employers said they were able to successfully hire candidates using social media, an increase from the 53% that did in 2010.  It would seem that as more people use it as a hiring tool, the more success they are having with it. 

This doesn't mean that the job board is dead.  Far from it.  In fact, social media can be a great addition to job boards.  For example, we uses Twitter as a companion to our job board at The NonProfit Times.  Every time a new job is posted, we send out a tweet alerting our followers.  Times are certainly changing, so its time to get on board if you haven't already.

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