Monday, September 10, 2012

Should You Change Accounting Software?

Bumping this post as a reminder for those who have not yet registered.


Are you struggling with financial reporting and analysis? Are excel driven manual processes draining your accounting team’s productivity? It’s time to consider new accounting software for your nonprofit, but for what should you be looking?

In The NonProfit Times' latest webinar with Intacct Corporation, all the information you need to decide what type of accounting system your organization needs will be discussed. Speaking during the event will be Bob Blake, founder of Xanergy, and Taylor MacDonald, vice president of channels at Intaact. Both men have decades of combined experience in the accounting software industry for nonprofits, and their tips will be valuable to showing how to simplify the process of selecting new software for your organization.

Here are a few of the topics that Taylor and Bob will be touching on during the webinar:

  • Determine what you need from a new accounting system. 
  • Make sure the system you select maximizes financial transparency and accountability to the board.
  • Find the right vendor by following these 5 best practices. 
  • Take advantage of new options made possible by cloud computing. 
  • Calculate the ROI you can expect from a new cloud financial management and accounting system. 
As always, it is completely free to register for this webinar, which will begin on September 26 at 2:00 PM EST. Sign up today and learn how you can get your organization on the right track when it comes to accounting.


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  3. Also, aside from identifying the features you need from the new software, you also need to determine if the returns you will be getting from availing and using the software outweigh the cost of actually getting one and using it. The need for more specific data is necessary in any business, especially when it's continuously growing. Most of the time, a customized approach is still best suited for your business.

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  4. Well, one thing you definitely have to consider when you plan to get a new accounting software is the program’s ease of use. Since you have to train users on being proficient at it, it is a must to know how good the technical support is and how well training options are.

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  5. There is nothing wrong with considering improvements when it comes to running a business, specifically on the software solutions that the company uses especially today that there are a lot more improvements in software packages being used for business. These improvements can definitely make your life a lot easier and give you a better chance to increase productivity.

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  6. “Determine what you need from a new accounting system.” – I definitely agree with this statement. There are a lot of accounting software in the market today, but not all of them can answer your business needs. It would be best to identify first your accounting system. From there, you can look for a software package that matches your accounting needs.[Boris Atkinson]

  7. I would only recommend changing software if it will make a significant difference at improving overall costs / efficiency.
    -Jon @ nonprofit software

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