Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't Lose The Job In The Interview

The interview is one of the hardest things to obtain as a nonprofit job seeker and when you do finally get one,  you can lose the job easily with one simple mistake.

The key to avoiding the biggest job interview mistakes is pretty obvious to most people by now: Prepare. Doing your research and prepping questions you want to ask makes it a pretty sure bet that you won't make a major mistake but, unfortunately, there are smaller errors you can make that can't be avoided just by doing your homework.

Below are three gaffes that you need to be most aware of when you arrive for your interview. Avoiding these will be key to taking one step closer to getting that job.

  • Leading the interview: Regardless of what you think, the interviewer is the one who is charge of the interview and the direction it goes. Trying to drive the conversation yourself is a good way to not get invited to a second interview.
  • Showing up too late -- or too early: Showing up late for an interview is a big deal, but coming too early is a problem as well as it can make the interviewer feel rushed. If you arrive earlier than you anticipated, find something else to do before heading in the office.
  • Bringing snacks: It's bad form to bring food or drinks to the interview. Make sure you fulfill all your hunger and thirst needs before you arrive.

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