Friday, August 30, 2013

Will Your Social Networking Profile Help You Get A Job?

You've probably heard a number of horror stories by now about how profiles on social networking sites can end up being one of the main reasons a job seeker was not hired. Whether it's because of inappropriate photos or information inconsistent with the candidate's resume, social media profiles can be dangerous for your job search.

They can also be a huge boon, if handled correctly.

An appropriate social networking profile will portray you as a professional who is ready to take on all challenges. This will make you attractive not only to potential employers, but also networking contacts who can help you land a great nonprofit job. Not sure where to start? Following these five tips will get you on your way to a great online presence:

  • Be Consistent: Your persona needs to be consistent across all of the platforms you use. For example, if you are portrayed as a driven fundraiser on LinkedIn, you shouldn't act like an introvert on Google Plus.
  • Master the Basics: The first part of your profile that an employer is likely to check is your "About Me" section. This is the most basic part of any social networking site but the first impression is very important. Write a brief paragraph that sums up your work history and goals.
  • Build Your Network: Sites like LinkedIn provide a great opportunity to make new contacts. They don't call it "social networking" for nothing. The size of your network will depend on your preferences, but it's a good idea to have at least 50 followers on your page.
  • Links: Showcase your skills by including links to your blog and portfolio assuming they are relevant to your career path. 
  • Use Keywords: Making use of strategic keywords throughout your profile will help ensure that your profile comes up in search engine results. Examples of keywords include your area of expertise, desired job titles, and industries.

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