Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Are Your Career Skills Right For A Small Nonprofit?

What type of nonprofits do you usually look for on your job search? If you are like a lot of job seekers, you probably look for big organizations as these are most likely to provide the best opportunities and pay. Depending on your skill set, however, it might be a good idea to expand your search to small nonprofits.

Just like working for a big business is not for everyone, joining a small organization requires a certain mindset. If you are most comfortable working with a larger group of people, you will probably have better success at a more brand-name organization.

In general, you should have the following traits before sending your resume to a small nonprofit:

  • Self-Starter: Employees at a small or mid-size nonprofit should be very capable of motivating themselves and have a creative mind when it comes to business solutions.
  • Team-Player: While the ability to collaborate with other employees is important at any organizations, it is even more critical in a smaller environment. When you are working with a small group of people every day, all it takes is one negative attitude to bring down the whole team.
  • Capable of Wearing Multiple Hats: Unlike big organizations, you are probably going to be asked to handle things you aren't used to doing. You should be comfortable handling tasks big or small and be willing to help co-workers that need assistance.

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