Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picking The Right Nonprofit Internship

If you are a job seeker just getting out of college or just have very little experience, it can be difficult to get full-time employment. It's during these circumstances that an internship can be an appealing proposition.

Nonprofit internships rarely pay and when they do, it's very little. Doing work for low pay isn't exactly an ideal situation but all that hard work can really pay off for you. Internships often lead to being hired by the organization assuming you've done a good enough job. They will also fill those pesky gaps in your resume, giving you a better shot at getting hired.

So where do you start looking for your first internship? You should begin by looking for opportunities that fit with your overall carer goals. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to limit your search to work within your field. Skills that you need for specific roles are often interchangeable. For example, you don't need to work under a Major Gift Officer to learn everything you need to know about fundraising. Having an internship at any nonprofit will expose you to this work, even if you aren't doing direct work in raising money. Besides, your internship could open your eyes to a new line of work you hadn't considered.

That's why it's also important to consider other career skills to add to your resume. Being a one-trick pony in this job market isn't going to cut it, and pursuing new experiences through internships is a great way to beef up your credentials.

Have you had any great experiences with nonprofit internships? Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Back in college, a branding speaker in one of our seminars suggests that creating a web profile of yourself, with details of your corporate skills, is helpful in searching for employment. As most, if not all corporations have web pages, picking the right nonprofit internship will be much easier.