Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Worst Things To Include In Your Resume

Everyone wants their resume to stand out from the competition -- that is, unless it's for the wrong reasons.

Job seekers sometimes struggle with how much information to include in their resumes. They wonder whether it's better to have too much information rather than too little. The answer is simple: You shouldn't be worried about how much information you have, only if that information is relevant and appropriate.

Here are four things that you should avoid including at all costs, no matter what the length of your resume is:

  • Personal Information: Employers don't need to know whether you are married or any other personal details. You can, however, include URLs to a website or blog that you created that has relevance to the position for which you are applying.
  • Salary Requirements: Unless the job description specifically asks for your salary range, this information is best left for later in the hiring process. If you are asked, be as broad as possible.
  • Unrelated Experience: Think carefully about the work/volunteer experience you list in your resume. Only jobs or activities that have relevance to the position in question should be mentioned.
  • Your Weaknesses: Focus only on your strengths. You'll probably be asked about your weaknesses if you get a job interview, but that answer can be saved until the question is actually asked.

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