Thursday, May 3, 2012

Featured Nonprofit Job: Executive Vice President

Washington, D.C. is the home of many nonprofits. One of those, Meridian International Center, is one of the newest featured jobs in our career center.

The international nonprofit is seeking to hire a new Executive Vice President to maximize the organization's operating performance, ensure compliance with U.S. government grants and contracts, and help achieve its financial goals in conjunction with the group's Strategic Plan. This position carries great responsibility, as you will be serving as the President and CEO's main adviser, providing budget and administrative guidance along with high-level management and oversight of the Senior Management team.

Other responsibilities include:
  • Spearhead the development, communication and implementation of strategies, providing leadership in raising new funds and strategically positioning the organization for sustainable, effective growth.
  • Help maximize Meridian’s global leadership programs, US government and corporate partnerships.
  • Oversee programmatic, administrative, development, and financial operations.
  • Contribute to state-of-the-art technical project development, assuring that technology advances Meridian’s capacity and reputation.
  • Accountable for implementation of organization’s Strategic Goals.
  • Assure best overall business practices and quality control, especially with US government regulations.
  • Ensure financial control procedures are being followed and recommend improvements.
As you might imagine, this is a pretty high-level job, which means you need pretty extensive experience in order to qualify. Here are some of the requirements for the job:
  • BA and/or graduate degree; MBA a plus.
  • 7-10 years’ experience managing senior staff, programs and budgets; working in the global public/private arena at a senior level.
  • Excellent leadership skills in the areas of communication, decision-making, facilitation, supervision and planning.
  • Experience with USG contracts, grants and compliance; interfacing with legal counsel.
  •  Strategic planning experience.
  • Experience with financial management of programs and establishing operational standards.
  • Excellent organizational management and entrepreneurial mindset.
There are more requirements listed in the full job description. Check it out and then, if you think you have what it takes, apply for the job via our career center.

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