Friday, October 4, 2013

8 Hiring Tips For Managers

Job seekers sometimes feel that all the pressure is on them during an interview, but hiring managers also feel their fair share of stress. Below are eight hiring tips that will help make the interview process work for employers:
  1. Let Them Speak: Some hiring managers make the mistake of talking too much about themselves, leaving little time for the candidate to talk. It is important to let the interviewee know as much as possible about your role and the job, you also need to know as much as possible about him so you can make the most informed hiring decision.
  2. Involve Other Staff Members: Having other employers interview with the candidate will educate him about your nonprofit’s culture. Even more useful for your purposes, it will also give you multiple perspectives on the candidate.
  3. Prepare Questions: The only way you will get the most information about your perspective hire is to ask him questions. Prepare a list of questions that you absolutely must have the answers to know if the individual will be a good fit at the organization.
  4. Impress: Remember that the interview is not just about whether you like the candidate; it’s also about whether he likes you.
  5. Offer a Competitive Salary: If you encounter a truly worthy candidate, don’t be afraid to offer a salary that is a little higher than market value. Money does talk, after all.
  6. Do Your Homework: Do a little digging into the applicant’s past to see how they performed at previous employers.
  7. Pay Attention to Details: Sometimes the small things can be the biggest indicator of how a candidate will perform? Was he dressed appropriately? How was his body language? These are all things you need to observe.
  8. Trust Your Instincts: If your gut tells you an applicant is too good to be true, you should probably listen to it. Don’t proceed with hiring until your concerns are alleviated.

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