Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 Ways To Land A Job Interview

Landing a job interview is hard work, and sometimes it can seem like it's all luck. The reality is, however, that there is an art to getting the call from an employer. Below are three tips you can follow that will improve your chances.

Show confidence

Everyone knows that being unemployed is not fun, and it can be even worse if you have been out of work for a long period of time. Frustration is a powerful emotion and, when writing your resume and cover letter, it can impact the words you choose. The key to fighting this negativity is to prove to the employer that you are confident, knowledgeable, and that you will be an important addition to the organization.

Prove you are up-to-date

If you are counted among the long-term unemployed, you will have to show hiring managers that you are not rusty. If you want to impress them, review all the tools you used in past jobs, and make sure you're familiar with all the relevant industry language. Another way to prove your worth is to connect with former co-workers on LinkedIn to get endorsements and/or referrals.

Explain long-term unemployment

Whether you like it or not, gaps in employment are a red flag to employers. You can help to ease their concerns by honestly addressing the issue in your cover letter. You should also be sure to mention any volunteer work you have done while looking for jobs as this will show that you have at least been staying busy.


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