Monday, October 14, 2013

Featured Nonprofit Job: Senior Director, Governance And Programs

The Optical Society (OSA) in Washington, D.C., is looking to hire a Senior Director of Governance and Programs. Read on for more details on this featured nonprofit job.

The chosen candidate for this position will serve as the primary support liaison to the OSA Board, Executive Committee, and oversight of the volunteer acquisition and cultivation efforts/programs within the Society. He/she will also be responsible for overseeing the volunteer governance activities of the organization, and planning and executing the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Society.

Other main duties of the Senior Director include:

  • Review and implement, where needed,  governance best practices.
  • Oversee staff in charge of volunteer travel coordination and reimbursement, and post meeting action items.
  • Oversee the management of the volunteer gift/recognition program.
  • Support OSA’s role in the 2015 International Year of the Light.
  • Oversee the staff supporting the OSA history committee and history book committee.
  • Working with the CFO/COO and Chief of Staff, creating an archiving approach that effectively maintains the essential records of its activities.
Qualified applicants should have a Bachelor's degree though a Master's degrees is preferred. In addition, applicants need to have genuine interest in working with smart, energetic, engaging and highly respected members of the scientific, engineering and industry community. Finally, 10 plus years of professional work experience in progressively more responsible roles is required.

You can apply for this job by heading to the NPT Jobs Career Center.

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