Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 Ways To Avoid Hiring Risks

If you aren't being sued by someone who was hurt by one of your employees, chances are you are being sued by someone you didn't offer a job. That's just the way things seem to go these days in the modern workforce.

It's impossible to completely eliminate hiring risks but there are ways to increase your chances of avoiding them. In their book “Exposed: A Legal Field Guide for Nonprofit Executives” published by the Nonprofit Management Risk Center, Melanie Lockwood Herman and Mark E. Chopko provided advice for nonprofit hiring managers who want to minimize risk in their screening of potential employees.

Lockwood Herman and Chopko provided the following six strategies:
  • Establish written screening guidelines and use written tools to substantiate your efforts, such as position descriptions, interview scripts, hiring checklists, reference check worksheets, and checklists for conducting other background checks.
  • Use the same screening tools for every applicant for the same position.
  • Decide in advance what will disqualify a candidate.
  • Don’t disqualify applicants based on their beliefs.
  • When checking references, only ask the reference questions you can ask the candidate.
  • Train all staff involved in the hiring process on the hiring policies and risks involved.


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