Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Ways To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

There's a very good chance that you, as an active job seeker, already have a profile on LinkedIn. There's an even greater chance that you are not using it to its potential.

LinkedIn is an amazing job search resource that can easily connect you with individuals who can improve your career network and get recruiters to contact you. If you don't have a complete profile, however, you will not get the results you want. Below are three ways to improve your profile:

  • If you've only filled in your profile with the basic information -- your name, college education, and work history -- you will not get the sort of action for which you are looking. Just like a website, your LinkedIn profile will get more exposure the more relevant key words are in it. Make sure you include these in the form of your career skills so that employers can more easily find you.
  • Some LinkedIn users are not aware that there is an option that allows you to add more information to your job title. The default setting makes your current job title as your profile headline; but if you un-check the box that says "Update My Headline to Job Title," you can fill-in a more customized headline. For instance, you can change "John Smith, Director at ABC Nonprofit" to "John Smith, Director at ABC Nonprofit -- Growth, Management, Technology." This will describe more accurately what your position entails, and also will increase the hit rate on your profile.
  • Waiting for someone to contact you on LinkedIn is not a good strategy. Join lots of groups that are relevant to your interest, and strike up conversations with its members. That is the best way to make networking contacts. Also, make sure the contact information you have listed is up-to-date.
Any of these issues sound familiar? If so, make sure you correct them as soon as possible.

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