Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Should You Relocate For A Nonprofit Job?

Most job seekers look for jobs that are close to where they live. Nobody wants a long commute and, in normal times, it isn't ideal to move. We don't live in normal times, however, and job hunters should at least consider relocating when looking for a nonprofit job.

The Nonprofit Job Seeker allows you to look for jobs by state, making it easier to find work out of your market. It's important to remember that applying for jobs out of state takes even more research than normal, and you should be prepared to consider factors that may not have occurred to you. With this in mind, here are five things you must do when considering a relocation:

  • Research Specific Organizations: Casting a wide net is not going to help your job search. Instead, target specific organizations for which you would like to work, research them, and attempt to network into the nonprofit using contacts.
  • Research the Area: Getting a job is important, but you don't want to move to an area that isn't right for you. Make sure that you get a good idea of what the social scene is in the town/city. Is there enough there to ensure that you will not be bored? Will you be able to afford to live there? These are all questions you need to answer.
  • Schedule a Trip: Make time in your schedule to visit the city you are considering. Scout out the local hot spots and meet up with your networking contacts in the area.
  • Why Are You Moving?: This is one of the first questions you will be asked by employers, and answering "because I need a job" is not going to cut it. Tell them that you like the environment or that you have family in the area.
  • Where Are the Jobs?: Make a list of the locations in the country that seem to have the most jobs and, assuming those places are suitable for you, target them. You will have much more success if you are looking in areas that are booming with work.

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