Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are Myths Holding Back Your Nonprofit Job Search?

It's no secret that getting work these days is tough. While it's easy enough to blame the mediocre job market for your nonprofit job search difficulties, inaccurate assumptions about careers could also be holding you back.

Myth 1: There's only one perfect job out there for you. Just like how it's false that there's only one right person for you, it's also incorrect that there is only one right job. You should not limit your job hunt because you are concerned with finding the perfect match. If that means looking for nonprofit jobs in New York as well as New Jersey, then so be it.

Myth 2: You will be stuck in the career path you choose. There are always ways to switch your career paths, though there are some financial constraints that come with changing quickly. There are plenty of continuing education courses you can take to learn new skills that will help you find new opportunities if you find your career is getting stagnant.

Myth 3: You should only look for work that utilize your current skills. This kind of job will leave you feeling either burnt out or unfulfilled. You should look for work that will give you the opportunity to advance your skills and learn new things.

Myth 4: You need an MBA to make a lot of money. While it's true that many executive-level jobs prefer candidates with MBAs, there are plenty of opportunities that pay good money that don't require these degrees. You should also avoid choosing a career path solely on money. It's best to find a balance between providing for you and your family and the income you feel you deserve.

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