Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nonprofit Job Seeker Wish List

Job seekers want to know a lot of things about the nonprofit for which they apply, including the salary they will earn and the work environment. While those two factors are pretty high on their wish list, there is another thing they need to know before applying: The organization's hiring policy.

Knowing how a nonprofit goes through its hiring policy allows candidates to have a better sense of when they should expect to hear back about their application.

In “Managing a Nonprofit Organization,” Thomas Wolf wrote that the clearer an organization's policy is, the less chance there is for misunderstandings. He recommended answering the following questions in a job description:
  • How are employees hired and is there a formal process with public notice required?
  • Are current employees given first preference for a job vacancy?
  • Is there an affirmative action policy?
  • Is hiring done solely on the basis of competency and qualifications?
  • Is every prospective employee allowed to see a job description?
  • Is there an official training period?
  • Do temporary or permanent part-time employees enjoy the same rights and benefits as full-time employees?
  • How often are salary ranges and job classifications reviewed and by whom?

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